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This is a specialist area of yacht charter and it is one in which we excel in  and enjoy at the same time!

We go a long way to ensuring out clients are on board the best yachts for their needs and budgets, local or global, large or small.    Included in our event work is a hand holding service whereby we organise the application form, which are often complex, ensuring all the elements are in place, on time for each events' commission dates.  In addition to this we guide you through elements which are specific to your charter, always available for advice and recommendations to make your event a memorable success.

We always present  to clients a selection of 'event' yachts which we have  already established offer optimum space and facilities for cocktail events for your needs.  The yachts are in excellent condition, a true reflection of their presentation.   Highly trained, motivated and effective crew are qualities which go hand in hand in any yacht charter and the event yachts we seek for our clients  and present will always lead their charters with event experienced crew.

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